February 29, 2016


Sorry if you think my jokes hurt you. Let me explain. Basically, I don't get closed with many people. There's only a few people whom I can really be closed with, and really have a strong rapport. And whenever I have one, I tends to do a joke that I thought it was not hurtful (but it actually is). Beneath that hurtful jokes, there was a "Aku gurau dengan orang rapat dengan aku." And simply to say, it was a "orang yang rapat dengan aku je aku biasa gurau macam tu."

I did this usually with my brothers. And I know after I did that, I "repair" that rapport by hugging them, occasionally give a naughty kiss and anything I can think of that can repair that.

Well, that will never be the case for my friends, isn't it? lol.

The thing is,
Not many people have the privilege to receive this.
And when there's some, it tends to be hurtful for them. Hem, sorry (:

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