February 28, 2016

I wonder

Sometimes, I wonder myself.

If and only if, one day my result would not be good as I expected to be, will my family & friends still be proud of me?

Sometimes, do you think the world is too much?

The struggle, the weight of responsibilities.

I considered to stand in the middle of the road & being hit by a car or standing at the edge of the tall building, enjoying the views before jumping down. Just so that all this pain will end & gone.

Hem, then I closed my eyes.

That is the exact moment I saw the faces of my family. My mak, my ayah, my adik-adik. Their smile, their hopes in me.

Then I saw me sitting beside my husband while watching our sons and daughters running around at the park while giggling to each other.

Then I saw me having a good time at work place. I saw my face, my smile.

Ah what a happy face!!!

Is that really me?

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